Cuing Golda Meir

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Malaysia plans women travel curbs

Women’s groups in Malaysia have reacted angrily to proposed government restrictions on women travelling abroad on their own.

State media say the plan would require women to obtain written consent from their families or employers.

The Malaysian foreign minister said the move would prevent single women being used by gangs to smuggle drugs.

The proposal follows a review of criminal cases where women had been jailed abroad.

Because of course nothing would be gained from a review of the vast number of trips where they weren’t jailed. Or of cases where Malaysian men were jailed abroad…

And, as the article points out, in addition to being stupid, offensive and a clear violation of human rights, the idea wouldn’t be terribly effective unless you had a huge investigatory infrastructure making sure that the consents weren’t forged, or weren’t being given by employers or family who didn’t care whether the woman was acting as a drug mule. And if you had that much of a police infrastructure, you could just use it to find the damn drug dealers and leave the women alone…


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