Not again

Another terrifying link from Bruce Schneier

Tourist or Terrorist? :: The Memphis Flyer :: City Reporter :: The Fly-By

A man walking through Tom Lee Park pauses to snap a photo of the iconic Hernando DeSoto Bridge. Another man shoots pictures of numerous downtown buildings.

Many would assume the men are tourists taking in the city’s sights, but law enforcement officials say they could be terrorists staking out possible targets.

The scenarios were described at an anti-terrorism town hall meeting last week hosted by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. The meeting, held at Cordova’s First Assembly of God Church, was one of four public meetings that occurred in conjunction with Operation Sudden Impact, a new local anti-terrorism initiative.

If you read the rest of the article, it gets even worse — as one of the commenters points out, the whole purpose of the exercise is to update the old communists-under-every-bed canard.

In the next few weeks, Operation Sudden Impact will bring representatives from all 54 agencies to Memphis for a one-day saturation exercise. Officers will perform traffic stops and gang interdictions and serve arrest warrants.

“Every arrest ticket written in 24 hours by each of those agencies will be reviewed to see if any of those people, even those with minor traffic charges, might have any connection to any possible terrorist activity lurking in the region,” Shular said.

That’s so full of crap I’m surprised he was able to say it with a straight face. But one of the things it shows is how cities in need of money for regular policing can slap an anti-terrorism label on their work and get funding through Homeland Security.

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