You keep using that word

Fittest Males Don’t Always Get The Girl

The fittest males don’t always get the girl, USC biologists report. Study tackles a paradox in species from fruit flies to humans: If warriors win the spoils, why don’t males evolve towards super-aggressiveness?

There is more to mating than beating up the competition, according to a new study. Female fruit flies sometimes choose males who win fights, sometimes choose males who do not fight, and sometimes choose males for no obvious reason, say biologists from the University of Southern California; Cal State University, Sacramento; and the University of California, Davis.

This isn’t really the fault of the researchers, more of the headline writer. But another way of saying this is “fruit flies and other species employ a different method for judging reproductive fitness than the simplistic one we decided they should use after looking for our keys under the lamp post.”

Ever since Darwin wrote “survival of the fittest” more than 100 years ago, idiots have beem ignoring the pretty clear tautology, coming up with their own fantasies of what fitness might be, and then complaining when the world doesn’t match up to their expectations.


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