Mmmm, aircraft.

X-48B mini flying-wing drone prototype resumes testing | The Register

Boeing and NASA reckon that BWB airframes could be quieter and more economical than ordinary jets. The X-48B prototypes, built by Blighty’s Cranfield Aerospace, are intended to gather details on the performance that could be expected from full-size jobs. They are scaled down from a conceptual 450-passenger airliner design, though in reality Boeing would expect any initial production orders to be for US Air Force transports or tankers.

See the article for a very pretty picture.

I’ve always loved flying-wing style planes (who wouldn’t?), but now that I look at the model and read that it was scaled from a concept for a 450-passenger airliner, I have to ask “Where the bleep are they going to put the windows?” With all the body width, and control surfaces on the wings, there are going to be a few dozen window seats, some aisles, and then middle-seat accomodation without end. Or maybe they’ll put in a bunch of fake standard cabins with flat-screen displays where the windows would go, or maybe the thing will have a roller rink and a food court in the middle. Or beds…

(I also like the fact that it’s powered by model-aircraft engines, which have gotten almost good enough to build a jetbelt….)

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