Our second amendment in action

Ex-Marine Shot By Son Faces Charges — Prosecution, Middletown — Courant.com

“It was immediately observed that the house was in complete disarray,” stated the arrest-warrant affidavit prepared by Officer John Wilson. “We noticed that there were scattered bullet casings and live rounds throughout the home… We located a gun cabinet that was wide open and completely accessible in (the boy’s) bedroom. The gun cabinet was full of firearms. There were many more firearms, dangerous knives, and vast amounts of ammunition scattered throughout the room,” the warrant states.

Police reported that the walls of the room bore large holes, as if from punches or kicks, as well as “numerous small holes that look indicative of bb/pellet gun or even small caliber (.22) rounds being shot inside the home. Alexandria explained to us that the rear bedroom was where (the boy) and Joseph Simonelli sleep.”

On the one hand, you wonder what child protective services was doing all this time. On the other, you can understand why they’d want to stay the hell away from that house…


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