On the other hand

Berlin zoo accused of profiting from slaughter | Environment | The Guardian

Claudia Hämmerling, a Green party politician, backed by several animal rights organisations, alleges that the zoo’s director, Bernhard Blaszkiewitz, sold the animals to traders.

She claims to hold evidence on four Asian black bears and a hippopotamus, which were taken from Berlin, officially to go to a new home. They were transported to the Belgian town of Wortel, which has no zoo, but which does have an abattoir.

According to Hämmerling these animals were slaughtered at the abattoir. She said the systematic “overproduction of animals” at zoos, designed to attract more visitors, was to blame.

Hämmerling said she also knew of several tigers and leopards from Berlin that ended up in a tiger breeding farm in China that promoted itself as a purveyor of traditional potency-boosting medicines made from the bodies of big cats. She alleges the animals’ remains were pulverised and turned into drugs.

If this is a replacement instead of an incentive for animals in the wild to be killed for “traditional medicines” and other delicacies for rich crazy people, then it’s not entirely clearly to me that it’s an unalloyed bad thing. (Later in the article there’s a mention of the furor caused by a zoo feeding a “surplus” — bred beyond the zoo’s carrying capacity — antelope to some lions. What the f— do those visitors think happens in the wild?)


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