Fighting for the 9-hour day

BBC NEWS | Europe | Bus passengers in EU law ‘farce’

Western Greyhound in south-west England has broken one route into three so that passengers have to change buses twice.

The rules on routes longer than 50km (30 miles) are too costly to implement and the result is a farce, it says.

But the European Commission says there is no problem elsewhere in Europe and the companies are trying to bypass laws which ensure drivers are not tired.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that having bus drivers working only 9 hours a day is a pretty good idea. Perhaps the bus companies should have little clocks saying, “Your driver has been on shift for XX hours” and see how the passengers react as the number goes into double digits.

One Response to “Fighting for the 9-hour day”

  1. alannaonline Says:

    I agree with this. I’ve just finished an investigation into this.

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