And they work for peanuts

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Trunk-cam reveals jungle secrets

The crew used three types of high-definition cameras, designed and built by Geoff Bell and operated by cameraman Michael Richards:

* A remotely-operated trunk-cam, which could film while the elephants were on the move and could also be set down.
* A remotely-operated tusk-cam, which was smaller than the trunk cam and could be carried by the elephants for much longer periods.
* Log and rock cams – cameras disguised as logs or rocks – which could be set down either by an elephant or human crew member and were activated by motion sensors.

Mr Downer said: “The elephants were remarkably stable – almost like a steady-cam, and they only needed a little bit of training to carry and set down the cameras.

Good thing they’re not really intelligent or in any need of protection in their native habitat…


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