Nothing to see, move along

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic losing long-term ice cover

Ice more than two years old now makes up about 30% of all the ice in the Arctic, down from 60% two decades ago.

It’s simple little tidbits like that that can freak you right out. (Note that older ice tends to be thicker, less riddled with salt, solider and a bunch of other things. The old arctic explorers didn’t even consider first or second-season ice as real floes.)


One Response to “Nothing to see, move along”

  1. Evan Jones Says:

    After the freakout, though, one considers things.

    After 2007, there’s not going a whole lot of three-year ice. And NASA (which is very pro-AGW) has acknowledged that the minimum that year was not due to temperatures, but to temporarily abnormal winds and currents that carried the ice south into warmer waters where it melted.

    And two-year ice is up 25% over last year. So I wouldn’t be sending Santy water wings just yet.

    We live in times of very mixed indicators–both for warm and for cold. It could go either way. Warm could be a problem, but cold could be much worse. (So I’d save the freakout; you may need it for later.)

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