It’s as if they think this kangaroo court or something

Shorter Hamdan Prosecutors: Please don’t make it look as if we’re trying to conduct a fair trial

Hamdan has admitted that he worked for bin Laden, and earned $200 a month as a driver. But he says he never joined al Qaeda and did not plot any attacks.

Allred wrote: “It is not unfair to permit the Defense to seek to show that while he may have been a bodyguard and driver, he knew little or nothing about the inner workings of this conspiracy, or that was not a party to it, if they can.”

Wow. Even under the horrifically-stacked rules of the Guantanamo commissions it’s apparently not OK to just say “We have evidence that you’re guilty, and you’re not allowed to introduce any testimony that would contradict us because that would endanger national security.” (Of course, this is just apparently; the prosecution could still win its point on appeal.)

As a matter of operational security, it would be pretty stupid to make a driver/bodyguard privy to your most dastardly plots, especially if you’re just paying him $200 a month. It’s like imagining that the Secret Service was fully briefed on the details of the Bay of Pigs.

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