I thought this economy was supposed to be underground

Botnet farmers play the international exchange game | Channel Register

The income that can be earned grows with the numbers of installs, and varies based on the geographical location of an installation. For example, installing spyware on 1,000 machines in Australia earns $100 but only $50 in the US, and a measly $3 in Asia. A sample price list obtained by net security services firm sheds fresh light on the phenomenon.

MeesageLabs culled its figures from a malware distribution site in Russia, the existence of which we’ve verified. The site is loaded with malware and for that reason we’ll refer to it by a shortened version of its name, installscash.org.

The site boasts that it already works with 300 webmasters and has four years of experience to fall back on. It boasts of friendly support services and prompt payment. All in all it’s all very cybercrime 2.0.

The site boasts: “Anybody can work with our partnership program InstallsCash! You have to do only one thing! Put a short one line iframe code on ur page(s) and START MAKING MONEY!”


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