Work with your customers, not against them

Electronista | Verizon optimizes P2P, sees 60% speed boost

Verizon today revealed that it has found a way to at once improve the speed of peer-to-peer Internet sharing services while simultaneously lightening the load on its own network. Nicknamed “P4P,” the technique has the software look primarily for download sources from the user’s own Internet provider rather than just performing a search. By prioritizing nearby connections, the optimization speeds up connections by about 60 percent; it also eliminates a major bottleneck for the provider itself.

Of course, this also makes room for a great good cop/bad cop approach in a non-neutral network: pay an ISP the vig (or jump through whatever other hoops they demand) and they’ll speed up your traffic — at a tidy saving to themselves, which they are unlikely to share — or go it alone and watch the reset packets come tumbling out.


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