Reduce, reuse, recycle

BBC NEWS | Africa | Kenyans fearful after toxic spill

In Kalahari, many of the 5,000 residents have been suffering similar symptoms since two huge rusting containers were dumped on the main road running past the residential area several weeks ago.

Yellowish fumes were still leaking from one of the containers as I approached and the smell was choking.

Making my way down from the road into Kalahari I had to tiptoe to avoid stepping or falling on the suspicious-looking liquid that was trickling down the slope.

At the bottom I found Roncliff and other residents repairing property they said had been damaged by the cargo waste.

The chemicals have corroded metal sheets used to build houses and melted anything made of plastic.

I don’t even want to think what an unholy mix of crap is in those containers if it’s corroding metal and melting plastic at the same time. The people who shipped it out should be steeped in it.


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