So where are the normals?

Hobbits May Be Human After All:

But Dr Obendorf said comparisons of the fossils with modern bones suggested that they were actually human, with their small stature and distinctive features the result of a condition related to severe iodine deficiency. “Dwarf cretinism can cause features very similar to those of the Flores hobbits,” the Senior Lecturer said. “This extreme form of cretinism is the result of severe iodine deficiency in pregnancy in combination with a number of other environmental factors, such as eating foods that release cyanide into the body and increase serum thiocyanate. “Dwarf cretins grow to not much more than one metre and their bones have distinctive characteristics. “Our research suggests these fossils are not a new species but rather the remains of human hunter-gatherers that suffered from this condition.”

Unless (as has not usually been the case) all of these mentally disabled dwarves managed to fend for themselves and create a coherent society in a fairly complicated and difficult environment, you’re going to need to find the skeletons of the regular-sized humans who bore them, took care of them, and so forth. I guess you could construct a scenario where the cretins were the only ones who were buried in a way that preserved them, and where local legends made them into a separate tribe rather than offspring of known mothers. Oh, and where nutritional and environmental conditions changed so radically that no one in the area suffers from cretinism any more despite living under similarly primitive conditions, and…


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