Almost enough to make me buy a truck

RFID-equipped pickups won’t let tools go missing – The Boston Globe:

Each Tool Link-equipped truck comes with 50 RFID tags that have been “ruggedized” to withstand harsh treatment. The customer glues a tag to each tool. The truck contains an onboard computer, built by a subsidiary of the Italian carmaker Fiat, that’s equipped with an automotive version of Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system. The truck bed also contains a ThingMagic-designed reader to detect RFID chips. Using a touch screen or a wireless keyboard, a user can create a tool inventory for the truck by scanning in each tagged tool and then typing in a description, such as “hammer” or “power drill.” From then on, the truck will automatically scan itself at start-up to see which tools are present. The inventory appears on the dashboard computer screen.

Although I’d be attaching the tags to a rather different set of things — wallet, diaper bag, cell phone…


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