The kind of thing unions were invented to prevent

 Environment workers to lose jobs:

Although no immediate pay cuts were involved, about 130 employees, 10% of staff, would not receive rises in the near future. Their pay “will be temporarily held back in order to bring their salary within their new pay grade”, the agency said. A spokeswoman said: “At lunchtime on Friday, 758 of Sepa’s staff (57%) had accepted the voluntary pay offer. “The remaining staff who have not accepted the offer will receive notice on 4 March that their existing contracts of employment will be terminated at the end of May. “These notices of dismissal will be accompanied by an offer of immediate re-engagement on the new terms and conditions.”

And of course the Scottish EPA is pretty much cutting its own throat if the 40+ percent of its workforce doesn’t accept the new terms. I do wonder a little what the history is on this. Most managers know better than to just give an organization that size a sudden take-it-or-leave-it new wage offer. (And you have to admit that the blatant untruth of the claim that wages would be “temporarily” held back doesn’t give one a good feeling about management. Temporarily means that at some future date they’d receive extra raises to make up for the loss now, rather than “just consider the money you’re paid next year as the money you were supposed to be paid this year, and the money you’re paid two years from now as the money you were supposed to be paid next year.”)


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