I’m shocked, shocked!

INFRINGEMENT! – New York Post:

Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI – either collectively or individually – settled claims with Napster, Kazaa and Bolt.com. Napster alone had to cough up $270 million. The fourth major label, SonyBMG, was not part of the suit because Napster was owned by BMG parent company Bertelsmann. All four struck separate deals with YouTube that included revenue participation. A contingent of prominent artist managers claims that little to none of that money has trickled down to their clients. They are now considering legal action.

Who ever thought that any money from those settlements would go to the artists who, y’know, hold the actual copyrights in question? The RIAA talks a good game (well, not really) of protecting the rights of creators, but that’s not its job. Its job is to make money for the distributors.


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