I don’t believe them even a little

BBC NEWS | Europe | The most spied upon people in Europe:

The question in the UK is what would happen if you took camera data and married it to other sources, such as information on the location of mobile phones, swipe cards for urban transport and static databases about you, your family and life history. That would be a pretty effective surveillance system, say critics. Ministers say this is completely fanciful – for a start there are no plans for a supercomputer to gather this information.

And gosh knows, you need complicated longterm plans to acquire large amounts of computing power these days. You can’t just place an order for a blg cluster from half a dozen vendors or rent the power from everyone and their uncle, including Amazon…

The thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the officials in question believed their own lies. When the total surveillance picture comes together in the UK (or wherever) it will be almost unexpected to them. They will merely have been fitting jigsaw pieces together one by one, with no idea that they were actually creating some larger object.

(The rest of the article is a fine overview of the situation in the rest of europe)


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