Get them used to it early

Kentucky New Era — News that hits home:

Just before the third-graders left for gym class, teachers discovered that an envelope containing $5 for a school function had disappeared from the teacher’s desk. One student found the envelope in the trash can. It was empty. Students were questioned, but none came forward with the money. Teachers tried to coax a confession by telling students there would be no punishment on whoever took the money. Again, no one came forward. During this search, Dudley and Parker, who teaches the class next door, entered the classroom and were asked to help. The four teachers went through desks and backpacks and other student belongings but were still unable to find the money, Huneycutt said. Parker instructed students to take off their socks and shoes at their desks. Then the children were lined up at the front of the classroom. That is when the physical search began, Huneycutt said. Teachers patted down students and checked their pockets. The $5 was never found.

There are even photogenic kids involved in this, but nah, not worth more than a single local item.


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