Wiretapping Made Easy –

Combined with a radio receiver, the pair say their technique allows an eavesdropper to record a conversation on [GSM] networks from miles away and decode it in about half an hour with just $1,000 in computer storage and processing equipment. Hulton, director of applications for the high-performance computing company Pico, and Muller, a researcher for mobile security firm CellCrypt, plan to make their decryption method free and public. In March, however, they say they’ll start selling a faster version that can crack GSM encryption in just 30 seconds, charging between $200,000 and $500,000 for the premium version.

And GSM was supposed to be near-military-strength blah blah blah so strong the intelligence community wouldn’t let them make it stronger blah blah when it was released. Damn you, Gordon Moore!

Supposedly a higher level of encryption for GSM, once again breakable only by well-financed snoopers, is in the pipeline…


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