Mmmm, I have a warm feeling about this

My Way News – Google to Store Patients’ Health Records:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google Inc. (GOOG) (GOOG) will begin storing the medical records of a few thousand people as it tests a long-awaited health service that’s likely to raise more concerns about the volume of sensitive information entrusted to the Internet search leader. The pilot project to be announced Thursday will involve 1,500 to 10,000 patients at the Cleveland Clinic who volunteered to an electronic transfer of their personal health records so they can be retrieved through Google’s new service, which won’t be open to the general public. Each health profile, including information about prescriptions, allergies and medical histories, will be protected by a password that’s also required to use other Google services such as e-mail and personalized search tools.

Especially that last sentence. It’s nice to have only one password to remember, but it’s not nice to have only one password to lose…

Update: According the El Reg the World Privacy Forum says that these health records aren’t legally protected under HIPAA. I don’t immediately understand the reasoning, but I’d hate to be a test case.


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