BBC NEWS | Europe | Okpara sentenced to jail for rape:

The adopted daughter had arrived in France as a young girl in 2000. Okpara, 35, admitted to having sex with the adopted daughter, then 13, on one occasion in 2005. But he said it was at her instigation.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Jail for Facebook spoof Moroccan:

Mr Mourtada was convicted of “villainous practices linked to the alleged theft of the [prince’s] identity”. In his defence, he said he admired the prince, and that the Facebook entry was just intended to be a bit of fun. A website supporting him published a letter addressed to the prince apologising for the incident. The letter, reportedly penned by Mr Mourtada’s family, requested clemency. “Fouad Mourtada, like thousands of people who create fake profiles of well-known personalities or celebrities on Facebook, has in no way acted in a willingness to cause nuisance to Your Highness, for whom he has always shown the greatest of respect,” the letter on the Help Fouad website reads. Earlier this week some Moroccan bloggers went “on strike”, suspending their regular blog entries for 24 hours in protest at Mr Mourtada’s detention.

BBC NEWS | Business | Dutch miracle breaks down:

Over the past decade or so, the Polder Model kept wages low, which led to an unprecedented economic boom in the latter half of the 1990s, with virtually no unemployment, thriving growth figures, low inflation and strong exports.

 “The most important reason the economy has faltered is that, since 1997, wages here have increased much more than in the rest of Europe,” said Jan Klaver, chief economist at VNO-NCW, the Confederation of Netherlands’ Industry and Employers.

Well, duh. If you keep wages down you’ll have an economic boom for the people who get paid in some form other than an hourly wage…

How to Identify Bad CIOs in Their Natural Habitat – – Business Technology Leadership:

Selective amnesia If the CIO appears disoriented and can’t remember to whom he reported in previous positions, that may mean the candidate doesn’t want you to ever get in touch with his boss, says Banerji. The CIO may not have actually accomplished what he says he accomplished, or he might have locked horns with his previous boss, adds the recruiter. Regardless, the CIO doesn’t want you to know about it. Again, dig for references who can validate or refute what the CIO says during the interview.

Translated version of

Everything stems from a special glass that thanks to four sophisticated surface treatments change the characteristics of glass at the molecular level. Il primo (a contatto con l’aria esterna) è a base di biossido di titanio: filtra il sole ma, soprattutto, regala al parabrezza un forte effetto idrorepellente. The first (in contact with the outdoor air) is based on titanium dioxide: filters the sun but, above all, gives the windscreen a strong hydrophobic effect. Il secondo strato di vetro è in realtà costituito da polveri microscopiche che spingono lo sporco ai lati del vetro, a loro volta azionate da sensori posti nel terzo strato che fanno pulire il parabrezza a seconda delle necessità (quantità di acqua o sporco da smaltire). The second layer of glass is actually made up of microscopic dust pushing dirt on the sides of the glass, in turn activated by sensors placed in the third layer forming clean the windshield as needed (quantity of water or dirt for disposal). E il quarto strato? And the fourth layer? E’ il più fantascientifico perché è un conduttore di corrente, necessaria per alimentare il funzionamento di questo complicato parabrezza. And ‘Unbelievable as it is a conductor of electricity, needed to power the operation of this complicated windscreen.

Maybe it’s more plausible in the original

Insurance Fears Lead Many to Shun DNA Tests – New York Times:

She worried that she might not be able to get health insurance, or even a job, if a genetic predisposition showed up in her medical records, especially since treatment for the condition, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, could cost over $100,000 a year. Instead, Ms. Grove sought out a service that sent a test kit to her home and returned the results directly to her.

Nobody could have predicted this one coming.


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