Cool if true. Check back in a couple years.

BBC NEWS | Health | Spinal injury regeneration hope:

he University of Cambridge team is developing a treatment which could potentially allow damaged nerve fibres to regenerate within the spinal cord. It may also encourage the remaining undamaged nerve fibres to work more effectively. Spinal injuries are difficult to treat because the body cannot repair damage to the brain or spinal cord. We are very hopeful that at last we may be able to offer paralysed patients a treatment to improve their condition

Although it is possible for nerves to regenerate, they are blocked by the scar tissue that forms at the site of the spinal injury. The Cambridge team has identified a bacteria enzyme called chondroitinase which is capable of digesting molecules within scar tissue to allow some nerve fibres to regrow. The enzyme also promotes nerve plasticity, which potentially means that remaining undamaged nerve fibres have an increased likelihood of making new connections that could bypass the area of damage.

 In preliminary tests, the researchers have shown that combining chondroitinase with rehabilitation produces better results than using either technique alone. What often happens in a clinical setting is that you don’t get to see the results you would have liked However, trials have yet to begin in patients.


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