Only one talking genital in this culture, buddy

The Daily Weekly: Times Won’t Run Vagina Ad (Seattle Weekly):

To publicize the event, the group produced a print ad for placement in the Seattle Times, among other publications. But, much to the group’s chagrin, the Times declined to run it unless the sponsors altered the artwork (pictured above) — which they refused to do. “The artwork was something we didn’t feel was appropriate for our audience,” says the Times’ VP of advertising, Mei-Mei Chan.

The article is straightforward enough, and the Times is perfectly within its rights to be a bunch of closet misogynists (they seem to think it’s perfectly appropriate to run mostly-naked people in erectile-dysfunction ads). But it was the comments that skeeved me right out. There are some pretty twisted people posting there,  and all of them want to explain in graphic detail how their particular sexual hangup justifies censoring the ad’s artwork.


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