I gotta say this isn’t that nano

New process makes nanofibers in complex shapes and unlimited lengths:

To use the new process, the researchers begin with a reservoir of ink connected to a glass micropipette that has an aperture as small as 100 nanometers. The micropipette is brought close to a substrate until a liquid meniscus forms between the two. As the micropipette is then smoothly pulled away, ink is drawn from the reservoir. Within the tiny meniscus, the solute nucleates and precipitates as the solvent quickly evaporates.

Later they talk about drawing a fiber that’s 850 nm in diameter and 40 cm long — 850 nanometers is just short of a micron, and up in the thousands of atomic diameters. The aspect ratio for their fiber is about the same as a spool of thread.

At the small end, 25 nm is getting down into the real nano range, but there the lengths are kinda questionable. Nonetheless, it is pretty darn neat, and I can’t wait to see what they make next.


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