So very sweet

BBC NEWS | Technology | Robot glider harvests ocean heat:

The machines are already used in oceanography and propel themselves through the ocean by changing their buoyancy to dive and surface. Wings generate lift and a vertical tail fin and rudder is used to steer. The latest glider has been developed by Webb Research Corporation and WHOi. It generates its energy for propulsion from the differences in temperature between warm surface waters and colder, deeper layers of the ocean. Wax-filled tubes inside the craft expand when it is gliding through warmer water. This heat is used to push oil from a bladder inside the hull to one outside, changing its buoyancy. Cooling of the wax at depth reverses the cycle.

I bet with just a little work you could get some solar cells that would recharge the batteries during the shallow parts of its profile. Then just equip it with a GPS and a pocket nuke and tell people to find the needle in the haystack. Call me a cynic…


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