I wish smashlab didn’t suck so badly

The trailers seemed so promising. But the real thing seems to be about people who never learned how to use the back of an envelope or what Google is, or anything about the projects they’re supposedly taking on. I know they need some justification for smashing stuff and blowing it up, but this just doesn’t do it for me.


One Response to “I wish smashlab didn’t suck so badly”

  1. olderdog Says:

    Oh, and another thing:

    Never, ever talk about saving an experiment when what you mean is trying to get a positive outcome. The experiment is what you do to gather data; it succeeds if you get enough data to answer your question, and it fails if you don’t. If the answer to your question is “no, that doesn’t work” the experiment has done just what it was supposed to, and the only thing that needs saving is your sorry credibility.

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