Why people hate architects and contractors

MIT sues Gehry, renowned architect of daring $300m Stata Center – The Boston Globe:

Robert Campbell, an architect who is a critic for the Globe, said it is inevitable that there will be problems in any unconventional building like the Stata Center, which has roofs colliding at different, odd angles. “It looks like something out of a Disney cartoon,” Campbell said. “It’s really quite pleasurable and people like it, but it does involve some risks in that it’s impossible to keep it from leaking.”

The result, Campbell said, helped to break up the monotony of a street of concrete buildings. “Because he’s so daring, you figure you’ve got to be daring, too, if you’re a client,” Campbell said. “You know if you hire Frank Gehry there are going to be new kinds of problems.” But he said clients accept the risks because “they’ll get a building like no other building.”

If by “like no other building” you mean “one you can’t actually use for the purpose you built it for”, then yeah.

But ultimately justifications like this are crap. A really good architect, in contrast to an expensive poser, delivers the aesthetic goods without compromising the quality of the structure. The looks-cool-from-a-distance thing is for Trading Spaces.


4 Responses to “Why people hate architects and contractors”

  1. goober squidly Says:

    Man I HATE You stupida insipid ARCHITECTS. I have workin Engineering for 20 years now and it is SO apparent that you guys / gals cannot use AUtocad to save your LIFE!

    Learn What NORTH is. Learn that Not all lines are 90 degrees. (Like Streets) they look 90 but they are NOT. Offsets from these lines affect the project. When an Engineer gives you a Base Drawing.. DOn’t Scale it. Don’t ROtate it. ANd PLEASE PLEASE Learn how to use more than 1 layer. Not all lines go on the SITE layer.

    I wish Architectural schools would teach some of these basic principles and learn how to get along with Other Disciplines.

    Out !

  2. no-100% Says:

    i think it is essential for architecture school to teach basic engineering as in the end it is not just a concept or drawings.
    and architects should be more down to earth. you have the ideas, but in the end, many people involves to make it happened. i know the design is important but really, it’s not everything.

    i am an architecture graduate anyway, whose left brain is way way better than right brain. it has caused me some hard times at school.
    seriously, i think architects should be more human.

  3. Jankel Says:

    Instead of being taught engineering we are taught a bit more culture, autocad does not define a architect. Engineers wil be engineers, calling a architect insipid coming from a engineer is hillarious. The most dull of breed must be the engineers. At the end of the day the most important part of the architects job is to understand all the cultures relavent to the job, synthesize and express. Well at least in my case working in Africa. I do agree with the comment that architects should come down from the ego inflated cloud. Dont know how they got there but they certainly dont belong up there with the caliber of work being produced in some places. goober squidly be quiet and do as your told.

  4. A Says:

    The most dull breed may be an engineer. However: the most arrogant; know it all, and I can do your job better than you can breed is the architect.
    Just focus on building design. Not Urban Design nor Urban Planning. Leave that to the Urban Planners. Get the hell out of the Landscape Architect shed as well, leave the gardens to them.
    In fact, get out of all disciplines apart from your own discipline, which is frankly designing buildings.


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