BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Super-scope’ to see hidden texts:

…scientists from the University of Cardiff have developed a technique that uses a powerful X-ray source to create a three-dimensional image of an iron-inked document. The team then applies a computer algorithm to separate the image into the different layers of parchment, in effect using the program to unroll the scroll. HOW DIAMOND WORKS Schematic of Diamond facility (BBC) Electrons fired into straight accelerator, or linac Boosted in small synchrotron and injected into storage ring Magnets in large ring bend and focus electrons accelerated to near light-speeds Energy lost emerges down beamlines as highly focused light at X-ray wavelengths Diamond opens for business Professor Tim Wess, who led the research, said: “We’ve folded up a real piece of parchment and then done a process of X-ray tomography on it. We’ve been able to recover the structure where we can see the words that are written inside the document.”

BBC NEWS | Technology | Online worlds to be AI incubators:

On the research side, said Dr Goertzel, virtual worlds also solved the problem of giving an AI a relatively unsophisticated environment in which it could live and learn. “I’m one of many AI theorists who believe that embodiment is important,” he said. “Typing stuff back and forth does not give the AI much to go on in terms of understanding the world around it, or itself or its place in that world.” This desire to embody artificial intelligences led many to robots, he said, but that approach presented its own problems. “Robots have a lot of disadvantages, we have not solved all the problems of getting them to move around and see the world,” he said. “It’s a lot more practical to control virtual robots in simulated worlds than real robots.”


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