Telepresence in action – Business – Meet IvanAnywhere:

The computer screen displays a live shot of Bowman’s face from his living room in Nova Scotia. But in the three months since IvanAnywhere first went online, he has become such a normal part of the third floor at iAnywhere that co-workers barely even notice they’re talking to a machine rather than to Bowman’s human form. “We are all so used to Ivan, they don’t even give it a second thought,” says Glenn Paulley, Bowman’s boss and the originator of the IvanAnywhere idea. When Bowman has a question for a colleague, he doesn’t pick up the phone; he uses his joystick to drive his doppelganger to the team member’s office. If Paulley needs Bowman’s time on a software issue, he calls IvanAnywhere to his office, just as he would with any other employee. Bowman uses IvanAnywhere to take part in meetings, even giving presentations with the help of a projector. Every once in a while, he’ll motor to the floor’s lounge area to look out the window and chat with passersby, much as he would if he were in Waterloo.

This is really cool. It shows how people can adapt, and how little you need to make a workable avatar. If there were anywhere I wanted to be, I would want one.


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