The devil is in the details

Incoherently Scattered Ponderings: Supersolid He not so super after all?:

If instead of water you use He and cool the system down, at some point the contribution from He vanishes as it becomes superfluid (through a process known as Bose-Einstein condensation). This is a well-known phenomena – but what Moses Chan and group at Penn State have discovered in 2004 is that the same effect can be seen for solid He, which can be obtained by applying a relatively modest pressure at low temperatures.

and from the comments

As someone active in the field, I want to make one point clear: despite the role of defects the flow is super; that is, it is it behaves in the way an ordinary superfluid would in at least several respects. So even if it is carried by defects/along faults in the crystal, it is still a superflow, and not just the usual flow due to defects (this latter flow obeys laws more akin to a normal fluid).

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