Oh, wait, we just meant big media companies

Recording, movie industries lobby for permission to deceive – Los Angeles Times:

The California Senate is considering a bill that would strengthen state privacy laws by banning the use of false statements and other misleading practices to get personal information. The tactic, known as pretexting, created a firestorm of criticism when detectives hired by Hewlett-Packard Co. used it last year to obtain phone records of board members, journalists and critics.

The RIAA proposed changes to the piracy bill that raised alarms among consumer advocates. The trade group asked that any owner of a copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret be able to use “pretexting or other investigative techniques to obtain personal information about a customer or employee” when seeking to enforce intellectual property rights.

OK, this post is copyright 2007, because US law says that independently created text is born copyrighted.  I can also register the copyright within 12 months of publication if I choose.  And trade secrets? Got ’em by the boatload. Can’t tell you what they are, because then they wouldn’t be secret any more.

But somehow I don’t think that means the RIAA wants me to be able to give out false information to get at their secrets.


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